At ICM, we believe marketing is action. And where there were once a few elements – Print advertising & PR, trade shows and direct mail – now there are many: social media, paid search, email marketing, Internet advertising, and print advertising, PR and trade shows that impact your new business efforts. This is further complicated by ecommerce, reps and distributor networks, direct salespeople and international sales channels.

Our efforts are focused on delivering tangible results (read: revenue) to your business. We create sales lead pipelines to your company by selecting the best channels and tools available based on your input and our years of experience. We are not a one solution fits all provider – we set up, fine-tune and refine social media, websites, public relations and ongoing expert content development to drive new business to our clients. We use these tools (and a few more) to become an extension of your sales and marketing organization.

Are We a Good Fit?

We excel at working with small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) who are technology-based and looking to actively grow their business.

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