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Time to Market Critical to Market Share & Profitability

With the proliferation of Internet channels and mobile devices your prospects devote less of their attention across an increasingly fragmented B2B marketing landscape. This is a particularly acute challenge for organizations with complex products and services that cannot be distilled into a 30-second sound bite.

Puncturing the online and inbox clutter to reach your purchasing decision makers and buying influencers requires reaching your prospects on their desktops and personal devises through an integrated approach -- one that includes traditional, social and online marketing campaigns. ICM has the practical experience across dozens of technical product and service clients – from financial services to component manufacturing and heatsinks to fluoropolymer materials to ramp your product launch quickly and effectively.

ICM will work with you to determine your marketing needs -- as well as your comfort and bandwidth to support ongoing promotions -- to develop an optimum mix of Internet marketing, social media promotion, and direct marketing of your products and services.

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