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Make Your Website a Leading Source of New Business, Customer Support and Market Intelligence

The majority of websites are built by developers with no idea how your company earns its money. Few web developers have the experience with sophisticated or technical buying cycles, nor the interest in learning about them. Their focus is to pump out a website and move on to the next project.

ICM has practical experience across dozens of technical product and service clients – from financial services to component manufacturing and heatsinks to fluoropolymer materials. More importantly, we know how to work with your team to discover the critical information on what makes your products and services unique, what your customers’ hot-buttons are, and what their decision making process requires for them to qualify you as a preferred supplier on your website. With effective search engine optimization (SEO) and content optimization strategies developed by ICM, your website will climb the search engine results and convert more visitors to customers.

ICM’s optimization or revision of your website will meet the information needs of your prospects to qualify you as a potential vendor, provide up-to-the-minute news and product information, as well as tap the data that moves though the site for marketing analysis and business development.

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